Defining the Build@Home digital learning environment

Last week the Build@Home team met in the Dutch VET school ROC Da Vinci for a working session to prepare the next training event to be celebrated at the end of March in Bologna (Italy). This event, addressed to international coordinators of VET schools, will be aimed at promoting internationalisation at home activities in vocational colleges, with a special focus on inclusiveness and create “ambassadors” for internationalisation in VET schools.

After this topic, we also had a working session dedicated to the Build@Home digital learning environment, where students from ROC Nijmegen (Dutch VET school, coordinator of this Erasmus+ KA2 project) presented different alternatives where all materials developed by the project (the international compass, the cards to promote international education, and the digital warehouse), will be available, following a process to implement internationalisation at home in VET schools, from the initial discussion about “WHY” to internationalise vocational education, to the “WHAT” and “HOW”.

The digital learning environment will be available in March 2023.