Intellectual outputs

BUILD@HOME produced intellectual outputs free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to use them. With them, we intend to contribute to maximizing the impact of our work, offering resources and solutions to VET centers that wish to develop their own internationalisation strategy and need support to implement it, from a strategic level to an operational level.

The intellectual outputs of the project are: 

Accessible in this link:, the toolkit includes a guided process to:

The course, structured in 3 sessions, includes the training programmes used in each session and some resources to make any VET teacher enthusiastic of international collaboration a real ambassador of internationalisation in and for the school.

Each of the sessions dealt with one key aspect of internationalisation in VET schools

Session 1. This session is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of internationalisation. The objective is to understand key concepts (what is internationalisation, which are international competences, why is it important for MY school to be international, how can I promote a strategical approach to internationalisation in my own school)

Session 2. Becoming an ambassador. The objective of this session is to identify which are the competences of an ambassador of internationalisation in a VET school, which resources this person may use and how to make internationalisation as inclusive as possible, being an integral part of teaching and of learning for every teacher and every student. We ABSOLUTELY recommend you to implement session 2 only after participants have implemented/piloted one international activity (for example, one from our toolkit, available here: This way participants will be able to explode the whole potential of the training!

Session 3. Involving the whole school! It is great to become an ambassador of internationalisation but you cannot do this work alone. You will need allies, you will need support, and that will include different levels of engagement, from your VET leaders to other colleagues (teaching staff, administrative staff, ambassador students…). The third training is about giving resources to ambassadors to involve the whole school in internationalisation.

To facilitate the work of the B@H ambassadors, we have created a variety of promotion materials!