HETEL is an association of 27 VET schools located in the Basque Country. HETEL was born in 1986 to promote quality in VET in order to improve employability of people and competitiveness of companies in the Basque Country. Structured in different working groups, being international relations one of them, HETEL enhances cooperation, innovation, creativity and enthusiasm among its associated schools and other partner organizations.

Contact person: Tamara Rodríguez, coordinator of
international projects –


ROC NIJMEGEN is a Regional Teaching Centre (ROC) (VET school) located in the eastern part of the Netherlands bordering with Germany. It offers students, both young and mature, 150 courses in secondary vocational education and in adult education in different sectors Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Economics, Health Care and Social Services. In addition, it provides contract teaching for companies and institutions. Approximately 10.000 students are enrolled at ROC NIJMEGEN. The school has about 950 staff members.

Contact person: Ed Clevers, Coordinator International Education ROC Nijmegen – 


Da Vinci College offers vocational training programs in different sectors, Economics, Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Health Care and Social Services. We offer both IVET as CVET programmes in many different courses. The age of the students at our college ranges from 16 – 22 years old in the IVET courses and in all different ages in the CVET courses.

A wide variety of contract programmes is offered, as well as basic education for adults. We are aware of the fact that being an ROC we play an important role in society, and also have a great responsibility, to prepare students in an adequate way for their further participation in society. This implies that we continuously work on enhancing relationships with supplying schools, companies and institutions. We have to know what the labour market needs.

Trying to respond to the needs of society & the labour market we think that international activities, like mobility for students and staff, will help to get prepared for / work at the international labour market and to be a responsible and contributing citizen. Tutoring and helping our students to get the maximum out themselves is a leading. We want to know our students and together we work to explore the talents and develop these.

Contact person: Andre Schoonhoven, Head of the international office – 


UNISER is a social co-operative based in Bologna (center-north of Italy), which supports the internationalization of education institutions. Today more than 300 schools in Europe cooperate with Uniser for the design and management of learning mobility projects for their students and staff, involving about 2000 learners and teachers every year for work-based learning experiences, study visits, job shadowing and training courses. Uniser’s team is composed of 40 full time staff members working in the different areas of the cooperative’s activities.

Contact person: Paola Saini, Research and Development coordinator –


Luovi Vocational College offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) in six fields of study. We operate nationwide, Luovi has 23 locations all over Finland. AT Luovi Vocational College, students study towards an occupation in small groups, with emphasis on practical aspects.

All studies include personal instruction. Learning takes place in collaboration with world of work and in real working places. Every student has a personal study plan, which is monitored in a multi professional team. Luovi offers upper secondary vocational education and training in six fields including 16 different vocational qualifications.

Luovi offers preparatory training VALMA to enter upper secondary training and TELMA training for work and independent living.

  • Current student number globally enrolled in the field of VET is 1900
  • The total number of staff is 700, since students need a lot of support and we provide student welfare services too.


Roskilde Technical VET College was founded in 1840, and is one of the largest VET colleges in Denmark. With more than 400 employees and approximately 11.000 students per year through the corridors, we offer more than 600 different courses. The college offers several vocational education and training programmes (VET), HTX (Higher Technical Examination which is a Technical upper secondary education) and more advanced technical education. In addition to this the college offers further education for skilled workers, company-related courses and introductory courses for primary school pupils.

Vocational education and training consist of a basic programme divided into two basic courses and the main programme. VET-students enrolled directly after compulsory school will start on the first basic course, which older students can’t. They enroll directly in the second basis course. The length of each of the two basic courses is 20 weeks.

The main subject areas at Roskilde Technical VET College we offer these two of four main subject areas of the Danish VET system are:

  • Food, agriculture and hospitality
  • Technology, construction and transportation

Contact person: Pernille Bjerre, International Coordinator and Project Manager –


Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute is a multidisciplinary vocational college run by the City of Helsinki. It provides both young and adult students with a diverse learning environment and supports students’ well-being, broad and practical vocational skills development and lifelong learning. It also provides students with knowledge and skills necessary in further studies and promotes employment.

Contact person: Ami Toikka, Coordinator of International Affairs team –