MBO conference ‘Skills without borders

On November 2, Deltion College in Zwolle was the stage for the MBO conference ‘Skills without borders: enrich yourself internationally’. MBO professionals could meet each other and exchange knowledge and experiences about the many forms of internationalization.

It was fantastic to see more than 130 MBO professionals from approximately 30 schools from all over the Netherlands together to get inspired about internationalization in MBO. The invitees included international coordinators, teachers, policy makers and program directors.

All participants had chosen two sessions in advance from the large selection of 20 sessions in total. Build@Home organized one of the sessions to disseminate the Build@Home Toolbox. In this way, each participant was able to exchange knowledge and experience and gain inspiration. The entire Dutch MBO professional field was visibly in contact with each other: working together and working together on an international experience for every student!