Training internationalisation at home

Curious about new ways to gain international competencies in your own country, approximately 55 teachers in secondary vocational and higher professional education came to Nijmegen on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 for a special training. ROC Nijmegen, Da Vinci College and Nuffic Connects organized the Build@Home training that day; a new approach to how internationalization can be included in the curriculum and how this can be made more sustainable, inclusive and personal.

Part of the training was an explanation of The Build@Home toolbox, developed with Erasmus+ subsidy by teachers at vocational institutions from Finland, Spain, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The toolbox provides an explanation of the basic principles that help you as an educational professional in the why, how and what of professionalizing internationalization at home. The aim is to work on internationalization without traveling to other countries.

The participants made their personal plan in five simple steps. The exchange of proven ideas from educational professionals from other vocational schools was particularly appreciated. These ideas can be found in the ever-expanding archive of the Buildathome Toolkit.